05 August 2012

Weekend Fun

Well, well, well, the internet.  I hope you've been as productive this week as I have.  I've basically managed to cross off everything from my summer to-do list in one week (and in the nick of time, too, since I have to be back at school on the 20th), which means that I am awesome.  I am doing some extra work at school this week, then I have one week left of vacation, and then it's back to school.  Womp, womp.  I feel like such a spoiled jackass when I lament that I only have one week left of vacation since that's like half of the vacation that most people get for a whole year, and I'm being a big baby.  (Secret?  I am actually looking forward to returning to work because I think it's easier than spending all day with a baby.  I love him the most and all, and I'd cut a bitch if they tried to hurt him, but Charlie and I have decided that our relationship needs a little space.)

So what have we been doing?  Just going to the post office, painting (Ugh!  The painting that's been the bane of my existence for a month now!  I would like to build a time machine to go back to whenever people thought that entire rooms covered in wood paneling were chic and shake someone.), chillaxin' with my fur baby and human baby, watching the Olympics, complaining that I'm too fat, eating entire packages of Oreos (Whoops--Hey, Charlie's at the age where he's beginning to learn cause and effect.  Perhaps I should learn that, too?), ellipting, finding places for all of the gigantic baby crap, and catching up on Teen Mom

And I might have taken a couple of pictures of the baby and the dog.  

 Monkey butt.


 No, he is not watching the Olympics.  Definitely not.

Double fisting.  He is his mother's child.

Mitch has always been one to bury rawhides in the couch.  But the other day I found a dollar between the cushions!  He's basically the dog from those Traveler's Insurance commercials.

 Cassie-nova sent me this one from the Fourth of July.  Can a baby already be annoyed with his parents at this age?

Oh, and I totes need to share with you this amazeballs sandwich that we had for lunch today.  I mean, it's nothing all that creative, but it's still spectacular.  It's Matt's Famous Cajun Chicken Sammy, and it goes like this from the bottom up: bread, spicy mayo (Hellman's mixed with some minced jalapeno and sriracha to taste--get outta here with the delicious), shredded lettuce, diced red onion, chicken covered in cajun spice (ours is from Fresh Market but you could use whatever one you like) and grilled, spicy cheese (ours is the chipotle gouda by Boar's Head, but you could use whatever one you like), bread.

And, in case you're not hip like us, "sammies" is the new cool way to speak of delicious stuff between bread.  You know, in the spirit of Tom Haverford.

 So what's happening with you?  Surely it's more exciting than the post office, but maybe not as exciting as the latest fight between Amber and Gary?  Do tell!

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