21 December 2012

Annnnnnnnd. . .BREAK!


Yeah, so if you'd talked to me two days ago I'd have told you about how drained and tired and fussy and cranky I was, how hard this school year has been so far.  And I'd have whined about how the dog still has mother effing mange and how I missed hanging out with my Matt and how I just needed a break and a nap.  (And you probably would have made up an excuse to get off of the phone or out of the conversation because of how unpleasant I was being.)

But that break is here, my friends!  One day in and I can already feel the stress melting away.  Phew!  So I'm feeling happy and fulfilled and not even pissed at the dogs for running off and embarrassing me with the neighbors who knocked on my door at 10:30 at night to tell us the dogs had escaped.  Nope.  I'm not even going to shame them (the dogs, not the neighbors) or deny them treats because it's CHRISTMAS BREAK!  (Now, if those fuckers do it again I will take every single one of those wrapped stocking treats and donate them to the Humane Society.  That'll teach 'em!)

The laundry is done and folded (but not put away because that never happens in this house), the toys are put away, the dogs are sleeping on the couch, the baby is sleeping in his crate, and the tree is perfect.  Life is good.  I might even take a shower tomorrow.

Here's what happy's looking like around here lately.

Our faves stopped by for a dinner visit last week.

Charlie is a texting fool.

Haha, watch this little demonstration of brotherly love and admiration.

That took about two seconds.

I am determined to continue to display my fragile ornaments even with a baby in the house.

Made this crazy ribbon/bunting/banner thing to go over our doorways.  I kind of love it.  

 I also love our tree.  As usual.

This kid is bananas.  Here's a series we'll call, "Charlie Bananas throws things from his box."

And in an event that was ripped straight from the plot of an episode of Roseanne, we're giddy to have been selected as a Nielsen family.  I've never felt so important and powerful and influential in all my life.  Seriously.  There were squeals of delight.  Also, Nielsen paid us $5 (in the crispiest dollar bills on earth) to participate.  Power and influence and wealth?  Well, well, we have arrived.

Stuff for our girl.  I'm really warming to the idea of having a daughter, and while some of the things about having a girl terrify me and cause great anxiety (see: princess crap and the seventh grade), I'm getting pretty excited about meeting her.  Girl baby's going to be awesome.  (Also, this is all of the stuff we have for her because our house already looks like a plastic wonderland/baby gear store/Toys R Us.)


I can't handle these two.  They were telling each other jokes.

 Done and done.  Next on the list: drink a milkshake.

Hope you're having a relaxing and fun-filled week that's full of sugar and dogs and snuggling.


  1. DogS? When did you get dogs in the plural??

  2. Dogsitting Mitch's dog friend Reilly. They're bad together. We shan't be getting another dog anytime soon.



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