06 December 2012

It's a _________!

Want to know something fun?

(I mean, besides the fact that Charlie is insanely cute.  Also, I am putting pictures of him on here because I like them and because I want to drag out this reveal.)

We found out what the next kid is.

And in addition to it being, "a naked baby," as my [crazy, crazy] doctor assured us it would be (seriously, no clothes showed up on the ultrasound). . .

It's a. . .

GIRL!  Charlie and Mitch are getting a sister!  And I'll get to play with Barbies again!

Says Shecky:  "I'm kind of excited that you're having a girl, because, like, bringing an independent bitchy girl into the world is a good thing.  Like, your girl can balance out some dumb bitch."

Here's hoping, Shecks.


  1. Let the pinksplosion begin!!!

  2. It's the best...any baby of urs that is:) Congrats! I highly recommend an awesome big bro & a spunky little sis. Good luck w the rest of ur pregnancy & delivery!

  3. YAY! It will be so fun. And I love those bins on your shelves, too.

  4. Congratulations! Hope your holiday season is extra magical this year! Can't wait to see your darling little girl, because your baby boy is adorable :)



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