16 December 2012

Face Off!

Hahaha.  Do you remember that movie?  Why was it so bad?  And why did my friend Tanya love it so?  I caught it on TV the other day and was amazed that it was like one bajillion times worse than I'd even remembered.

Let's talk about skin.  And getting old.  I'm not gonna lie: I've been pretty fortunate in the skin department.  The universe has been good to me, and with the exception of some dry skin in winter and a brief bout with pimples when I was 14 (back before I discovered that the best thing for my skin was water and a washcloth), I had 30 years of not having to worry about my skin (nevermind the great sunburn of 2008 when my eyes swelled up and were all squinty and I'm pretty sure it was sun poisoning but the only thing that I was worried about other than the extreme pain was that I was going to look like a squinty-eyed clown for Hugh and Cassie's wedding).  Then I got pregnant, and my skin went all berzerk, and now I feel like I'm 14 again, back on the ol' skincare square one.  Dry patches?  More pimples than one a year?  What the eff!?!?

So I'm on the lookout for some good skincare stuff, and I'd like to have some way of keeping my skin somewhat young-looking (started wearing sunscreen after that sunburn even!) that doesn't involve just getting fatter and fatter so that wrinkles can't possible show up.  I'm thinking (hint, hint, Matthew!) that something like this DDF awesome micro polishing system could be what need.  I mean, we don't want my skin to match my hair age-wise, what with all of the gray streaks and all.  But back to the DDF thing.  This thing is really cool and looks fun to use and might even be so fun that I'd actually make time to use it.  (Truth?  Last night Charlie somehow managed to dump a milkshake all in my hair and I have yet to wash it out because I decided that I just don't have time.  It's basically like a foodie verison of hairspray, right?  I could be all, "Oh, this is my local organic cookies and cream milkshake hair product.")  It seems like it'd be gentle enough for my super sensitive skin, but cleansing enough to fight the ridiculous pimples that pregnancy has gifted me with (thanks again for that, the universe).
And extra cool for me and for you, too?  It's on sale and you can get it for $45 (which is more than 50% off--they're running the special price through January 1, 2013) if you go here and use the code DDFMICRODERMA at checkout.  Shoot yeah!  But be careful not to use the microderm brush for too long because if you use it for like 12 hours in a row you'll look in the mirror and see John Travolta looking back at you.*

Anyway, now that I've posted to the entire world about my crusty milkshake hair, I think I should go bathe or something.  Matt, buy me that thing already!  xoxo

*Jokes.  That won't happen.  

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  1. Let me know what you think of that! I've heard good things, but I'd rather blow $45 on a shirt from Target that'll fall apart/rip/shrink after 2 washes than on something that'll preserve me for another 30 years or so.



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