21 August 2009

Christmas Gift Idea!

When Mitch is doing something ridiculously cute, Matt and I will often joke that he's in a cute contest with himself (because, really, who else would be able to compete?).

Well, it appears that the makers of the Snuggie are in a contest with themselves to create and market the silliest of products. The Snuggie itself wasn't enough. NOW AVAILABLE--Snuggie for Dogs! Click here to watch the promotional video. (Thank you, Cassie, for making me aware of this wonderful item!)

But who am I to talk shit? Not only am I the proud owner of a Snuggie, but I actually use it on occasion, and I want to make homemade Snuggies for all of my friends when I get more savvy with the sewing machine.

This time next year, there will be something different about that picture. Well, two things. I will most likely be 50 pounds lighter (ha!), and Mitch will be wearing his Snuggie as well.

Do you have a Snuggie? Do you wish you had a Snuggie, or at minimum, a Snuggie for your dog?


  1. why are you a proud owner of a snuggie?

  2. Ha ha. It was a gift, but I do actually use it. Some of our friends gave it to me when I was sick last year. BEST GIFT EVER!

  3. ummmm, last night i saw that they are now making snuggies in 2 new fashion fabrics -- zebra and leopard print. could you make me one in zebra? :)

  4. I saw those, too!

    For my homemade Snuggies, I'm thinking of using down blankets. And I might add pockets!

    My only real complaint about the Snuggie is that it's fleece, which, although very soft and snuggly at first, gets pilly quickly. Also, fleece is a magnet for dog hair.

    I'm seriously considering buying one of these dog Snuggies. Christmas card picture!



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