06 August 2009

Shoe Selection

Since a $625 pair of Christian Louboutin's is not in the cards for me, I've been looking elsewhere for a new pair of shoes for school. I already have lots of black shoes, and I pretty much wear only black to school (which is why my students often believe that 1.) I was a goth kid in high school and 2.) I am dangerous). Nine West seems to have some fun options right now, and I need your input about which pair I should choose. I've narrowed it down to the following:

I need your opinions. Pros? Cons? Other suggestions?


  1. I vote for number 1 or number 2. For what it's worth I like Nine West shoes -- they're pretty comfortable.

  2. Ha. I ended up going with the green ones, but I keep thinking about those low purple ones. They're at our Nine West store for $30, and they may be becoming a need.

    (This is Mandy, by the way, and not Matt.)

  3. You for sure need the low purple ones. You deserve to splurge on yourself a little. Think of it as a back to school present to yourself. And they are pretty low, so they say "perfect work shoe" to me. I also love the blue ones at the bottem. I think I'll get them. Seriously, my shopping is out of control.

  4. Ha! Bode, this was last summer, and since then I have purchased (and been in love with) the low purple ones. I don't know if the blue ones are still available, but you could check Amazon.



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