11 August 2009

Dammit, Matt!

I've been feeling pretty hateful these last couple of days, for no real reason other than my uterus is revolting against me, presumably punishing me for not bearing children. And during these times, I get mean, really mean. Even meaner than usual. And my patient and understanding husband deals with it.

Last night, after a happy evening, I decided to pick a fight with Matt for no real reason. Hmmmmm, what to fight about. . .

I found it. I decided to get angry with him because 5 years ago when we got a dog, he wouldn't let me name the dog Pancake. (My brain knows that this is a stupid name and that Mitch is a superior dog name, but my evil brain doesn't care.)

And then I got mad at him because he scoffed at my idea of late to make a pancake cupcake, with maple buttercream frosting, with a piece of bacon on top. "Breakfast cupcakes!" I would yell. Matt would make a disgusted face. So I never made them.

Last night I was reading one of my cupcake blogs, Cupcakes Take the Cake, and I came across this picture.

And I decided that Matt has been holding me back from fame and fortune and all things pancakes.

When I actually picked my fight, told him that he was crushing my dreams, and began referring to the dog as Pancake and instructing him to bite his father, Matt responded perfectly: "It's just that people get sick of pancakes. 'You're all happy at first, but then by the end, you're f-ing sick of 'em."**

That man is like a fire extinguisher for fights, and sometimes I hate it. Why's he have to be so mellow all the time? I think that'll be our next fight.

**Name that comedian.

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