10 February 2010

American Idol Hollywood Week!

It doesn't get much better than Hollywood week, and my favorite part of Hollywood week is when the contestants have to work in groups. (For the record, I personally hate working in groups. I'd much rather do things on my own than to have to depend on a bunch of goons.) The group performances are so great because they bring out the absolute worst in people, and it's hilarious to watch. I can't peel my eyes away. The more words that the contestants forget, the more Matt yells at the tv, and the more fun I have during the whole process. It's absolutely delightful.

Right now we have some favorites. Forgive our gross stereotypes and overgeneralizations. It's hard to remember all of the names at this stage in the process. Here they are:
  • Brad Pitt looking shirtless guy
  • Hot Boston girl (Ashley Rodriguez?)
  • Hispanic guy with glasses who sang "Straight Up"
  • Big Mike whose wife just had a baby
  • Little white boy who was in Team Awesome with Big Mike
  • Black chick who was in the group with Hot Boston girl
  • Taylor Brady
  • Chick who sang "You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman" last night

Are you watching this season of AI? If so, who are your favorites?

And for the record, I am pretty happy with Ellen's judging so far. Since Simon is leaving, I want Neil Patrick Harris to replace him, and I want Katy Perry to replace Kara, because I hate Kara.

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