15 February 2010

Um. . .Amazing Race. . .Such As. . .

Horray for a new season of The Amazing Race, and horray for picking teams! It should be said that this season's field is looking pretty weak.

This season Matt decided to change his strategy. Normally, he goes for those teams with intellectual prowess. But this year he went with the models and the cowboys.

The models, Brent and Caite, are going to be a lot of fun to watch, if only because of how much smarter I'll feel after watching them bumble about the world.

Does Caite look familiar to you? She's a former Miss Teen South Carolina . . .

. . .THIS former Miss Teen South Carolina. And Matt picked them. Says Matt: "Models get what they want, 'cause they're sooooo pretty."

And in keeping with his "let's not go for brains" strategy, he also selected Jet and Cord, rodeo brothers. I have a feeling that they will be rivaling Brent and Caite for the title of dumbest team this season.

I, on the other hand, selected some badass teams. I have triathlete Grandma Jody and Granddaughter Shannon, a.k.a., badasses.
And I got the brothers, Jordan and Dan, one gay and one straight. Catty and smart and hilarious.
Are you watching The Amazing Race this season? Who did you pick to win?


  1. I don't like how close her name is to mine. Not one little bit.

  2. He he he. I kept going to type your name and then I was all, "No, wait. My Caitie isn't dumb! She's the bees knees!" Such as. . .



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