09 February 2010

Redneck Mudder?

So, this afternoon as I was pulling out of the school parking lot, I passed a truck that was entering. "Truck" is a bit of an understatement, because this thing was monstrous, and likely rides up ramps to jump rows of Dodge Neons. It looked kind of like this. . .

. . .only it was that aqua green color that was popular in the early '90s. (The color that I always wanted my car to be when I'd play M.A.S.H., the one my mom assured me that I'd tire of. She was right on this one.)

But the fact that it was a big monster truck wasn't what made me think. It was the license plate on the front of the truck that occupied my thoughts for the next few minutes--the Confederate flag with the words "Redneck Mudder" written across it in big letters. Here it is.

I had trouble nailing down the actual meaning of the novelty plate. Was this someone who enjoyed taking this giant vehicle through mud? Or is this a Redneck Mother, just wittier? Or both? If it was the mother, would it have been written "Wedneck Mudder"?

Matt says it was the former, but I'm not convinced. What do you think?


  1. I think Matt is right. I had a roommate in college whose boyfriend used to "go muddin'" on the Eastern Shore of MD. I had never heard of it, but they go off-roading through muddy fields, ostensibly for fun.

  2. It's definately the sport of "mudding". It sounds really stupid, and it is indeed. Many of rednecks on myspace will take like eighty pictures of them on their fourwheelers going through muddy fields, ponds, creeks, and etc. They all look the same.

  3. Stupid Matt, always being right.



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