15 February 2010

Snowing in Savannah!

Apologies for lack of posting recently. I've been sick and busy and exhausted. Plus, there hasn't really been too much to share. At this point in the year life is pretty uneventful, and unless you want to hear about adventures in doing laundry or how to nurse a pesky hangover (Sour Patch Kids probably aren't the best way), I've got nothing. The juicier things that are going on aren't things I'm allowed to post on the blog because they involve lots of shittalking, so if you want to know about those, you'll have to call me.

But Friday night did bring some excitement when it SNOWED IN SAVANNAH! The weather forecast had called for snow, but I refused to believe it because it's let me down in the past. Since the Snowtorious B.I.G. has been dumping feet of snow on almost every single person I know, it seems that I couldn't log on to Facebook or read friends' blogs without seeing the winter wonderland albums of pictures, and I was getting really bitter about it. I hadn't seen it snow since we moved to Savannah seven years ago, and I started to feel really sorry for myself about it. And even though I know that being snowed in for a week is not pure bliss, it was hard not to be jealous when I'd been having busy and stressful weeks at school, knowing that so many others were having work and school cancelled. And I hear it's snowing there again? Jeez oh Pete!

And then it snowed, and I was ecstatic.

It only snowed here for a few hours, and the snow didn't really stick or accumulate. But they were big fat beautiful flakes. I got to catch snowflakes in my mouth, feel the crunch of the snow under my feet. We got to hear all of the little kids in Savannah screaming and playing in what was probably the first snow of many of their lives. It made me cry like three different times. (Also, I am a big crybaby.)

And now I'm satisfied. (Plus, we didn't have to shovel, which was nice.)

Apparently the snow had possessed Mitchell, who then did "butt's on fire" and chased the neighbors. Matt gets really mad when I let Mitch out without a leash, and that's partly why.

He really didn't know what to make of it.

Mitch loved the snow almost as much as I did, and decided to lie in the snow--until a man walked by, at which point Mitch freaked out and tried to attack him. Mitch is ferocious, remember?

Obviously the snow we had in Savannah pales in comparison to that up in Virginia and Maryland, but it was really exciting, and it shut me up. And maybe a month from now it'll be beach weather?

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