09 July 2010

Demon Frog

It is really, really hot outside. 

Like, really hot.

Like, I took the pup for a walk at 8:45 and it was still 95 degrees.

Like, my hydrangeas are wilting.

Like, I am wilting.

But you know that it's hot.

What you probably don't know, though, is that we here at M Cubed have been being stalked, harassed, and generally mistreated by an evil poisonous Georgia frog.

This frog. 
(see him, way up at the top?)

I think he may be a Georgian River Frog**.  Or he may just be a demon.

When I was outside yesterday, minding my own business and watering the hydrangeas, the frog suddenly inflated his entire body and began to belt out some hellish squawk yell thing. 

And I don't like frogs, anyway.  I mean, they're like the thing I fear most (unless you want to count albino children), and I'm pretty sure that they can sense my fear (both).

But I'm working on overcoming these anxieties.  How can I ever convince Mitch to be okay during a thunderstorm if I myself can't be okay around a teeny tiny [poisonous and homicidal] little frog?

So today I went back out to those hydranges, and this time I had a camera so that you could witness his big scary inflated body.  The camerawork is shoddy at best, and I have only a rudimentary knowledge of any movie-making software, but, please, enjoy the voiceover work.

Oh, and while I was sitting here in the living room tonight--again minding my own business--I heard his little frog war cry again.  There's a 78% chance that the next time I step outside there will be an army of frogs waiting for me, and they'll all jump down my throat and jump on me and then I'll choke to death on poisonous and hateful and mean frogs.  And then they'll all inflate again and make that noise again to celebrate their victory.

**Also, he's probably not really even this kind of frog.  But he is an evil frog.

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