12 July 2010

Real Passive Aggressive

Today was one of those super productive Maniacal Mandy kinds of days.  I started what will be my biggest summer project, doing something about the disgusting floor in our sunroom.  I worked on that until my body hurt too much to do it anymore (I have a big blood blister on my finger and am not sure I'll be in any shape to walk or squat tomorrow).  I also knocked off another item from my summer to-do list when I opened and filed all of the mail.  I hate filing the mail. What a tedious and miserable task!  (But it's amazing when the mail is filed and organized!)

While filing the mail, I came across about three different letters from my friends at Real Simple, reminding me to renew my subscription.  Here's the thing.  We subscribe to like seven magazines, and I never really know when I need to renew the subscriptions.  It's hard to know, too, when I actually need to renew because the magazine people are always trying to scare me into renewing like eleven months before I actually need to do so.  Most of the time, the letters from the magazines don't get opened until it's the semi-annual mail filing day (or until Matt has to suffer through a Friday without getting to read the newest issue of Entertainment Weekly). 

So today I opened a letter from the Real Simple folks.  Here's what it said (emphasis mine):

. . .Your subscription payment is 90 days PAST DUE, and we've had to suspend delivery.  This is one more reason you need REAL SIMPLE.  Each issue gives you time-saving solutions for everyday tasks, like how to pay your bills on time.  Please take a moment to return the top portion of this statement along with your payment. . .

Okay, Real Simple.  Fine.  Our credit card numbers changed and so you couldn't automatically charge me.  But why so condescending!?  Perhaps the next issue could have a feature about how you can catch more flies with honey.

(But I'll still renew, because I love that magazine, even if they can be bitchy.)


  1. Ha ha ha. You are funny. So is Real Simple.

  2. They are funny. You know what's also funny? That I got the latest issue in the mail today. HA! Stolen magazines!



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