21 July 2010

Vacation Interrupted: A Post from Mitch

Hey, you guys.  It's me again, Mitch.  Not too much is going on here.  I just barked at a guy who came to the door trying to sell security systems.  Doesn't he know that I am the security system?  Look at these teeth!  Listen to my loud, threatening bark.  Don't think for a second that I don't have rabies! (I don't have rabies, but every time I think about rabies I think about the end of Their Eyes Were Watching God and I laugh.  Oh, Tea Cake!)

Anyway, we just got back from our "vacation" a couple of days ago.  The thing is, I really needed a vacation because I had had a reallly hard week.  I mean, my mom made me go to the vet, where I got poked and prodded and things inserted places where things should never be inserted.  And then there was the vacuum cleaner, and there were fireworks, and then there were terrible thunderstorms.  I mean, I was stressed to the max! But my mom had told me that we were going to my Grandma Sue and Grandpa Spence's lake house in North Carolina.  Let me tell you something about the lake house: it's pretty much the best place in the world for a dog.  There are comfortable beds, and comfortable couches, there's lots of cheese, and there's a dock for sunning, and there are dog neighbors for when I want to be social.  And there's a lake!  One thing you might not know about me is that I LOVE to swim. 

So on the first morning we were there I took a dip in the water, and I relaxed on the dock, and I just started to feel my troubles melt away.  It was fantastic.

And then it happened.


And I was all, "What the hell kind of sick joke is this?"  I mean, I like Fletcher and all (stupid tail of mine is a dead giveaway--stop wagging, tail!), but he's not really a vacation kind of dog.  He's more of an adventure in the boxing ring kind of dog.  AND HE CAN'T EVEN SWIM!

There was one thing that happened that was soooooooooooo funny.  So, Fletcher was wearing this doggie life jacket (Who doesn't need a dog life jacket?  Oh yeah, Mitch doesn't.), and he went down the steps to the lake just to get a drink of water.  I knew that he didn't want to swim because he'd told me that the night before, right after I tried to eat his face off when he interrupted my begging for steak.

So when he turned around to go back up the stairs, he slipped on the slippery stairs and fell in head first!

I mean, I know I'm not supposed to laugh when something like that happens, but it was sooooooooo funny.  And after I knew for sure that he wasn't hurt, I just laughed and laughed and laughed.  I can tell you one thing, Fletcher is never going to hear the end of that.  I told him I had pictures and I would post them on the internet.

I also told him that if he punched me again I would push him in the lake.

The rest of the vacation was good because we got to eat dog steak from Fresh Market and I went swimming a whole bunch more times.  I even got to go for a couple of rides on the boat, but I didn't bring my camera because I didn't want it to get wet. 

The lake is sometimes so fun that it's exhausting, and then after a long day of fun you have to curl up on a couch and just get some shuteye.

My mom and dad are going on another vacation here soon, but I told them that this time I'll just stay at home and invite Reilly over for the week.  (Because I hear that the place they're going has a puppy.)

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  1. baahahahaaaa. My favorite picture is the one with Fletcher's head completely submerged and only Mitch is looking on with curiosity/a sense of self-righteous vengeance. What a silly old dog.

    I may have to retweet that. (l'm learning the language!)



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