05 July 2010

Happy Two-Hundred Thirty-Fourth, America!

This weekend, wanting to celebrate our nation's birthday in style, we packed up the car and headed to Augusta for a somewhat impromptu visit.  Hugh was butterflying chickens, and Mitch just seemed a little too comfortable in his day-to-day life, so it was what I'd consider a necessary trip.

The visit itself was pretty uneventful (unless you consider my brush with a homicidal toad an event), but it was relaxing and fun.  We enjoyed food, and friends, and laughs, and dogs, and drinks, and more drinks and food and friends and laughs and dogs. I think we made Mitch sing "I Will Always Love You" about fifteen different times. And Fletcher and Mitch are finally coming around to being the best of friends (well, almost). Although none of us ate 54 hot dogs in ten minutes, this morning I felt like maybe I had, and then perhaps blacked out because of hot dog consumption.

Hugh = Old Man River

Fletcher = beauty dog

[above: Matt and I demonstrate how "civilized" we are by using cloth napkins.  This was about five minutes before I showed off my amazing corn on the cob eating skills and then choked.  I did that twice.]

Toad the Murderer

You'll have to visit Cassie's blog to hear more about the food and the weekend's menu.  Right now I'd like to just drink some water and go to bed.  Celebrating the birthday of a nation is hard work!

What'd you do this weekend?


  1. What an awesome 4th!! It does look like those dogs are coming around to being friends. :) My friend Kristin held a "Wet, Hot, American Summer BBQ" that included a slip and slide. And I did. Slip and slide, that is. Phebe wore a lifeguard take-top (dog-sized from the $1 bin at Target) and did her best impression of Paul Rudd. She was an asshole writing in her gournal. MIss you!

  2. TANK top, not take top. Damn you, fast fingers and lazy eyes.

  3. Did you notice that in the fifth photo down of Mitch and Fletcher, it looks like Mitch has a mohawk? Or maybe a fauxhawk? Mitch is awesome.

  4. It does look like he has a mohawk! Now I kind of wish that he did, but I'm not really sure of how to make that happen. I agree, too, that Mitch is awesome. He has stolen my heart with his lopsided ears.



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