08 August 2011

I'm Baaaack! And Also, a Loser.

Hola, comrades.*  I have missed you so!

This post is going to be short because I'm still kind of wiped out, yet have an urge to get on the elliptical.  And since those urges are so few and far between, I should take advantage.  Plus, I haven't seen 90210 in days!  Days!

Stay tuned for a more thorough recap, but here are the high points.
  1. I do not like to fly.  Not because of fear so much, but because of discomfort.  I would like a plane with a king sized bed, a cute dog, many pillows, and a down comforter.  Can we make that happen?  Do I have to become president first?
  2. San Diego Zoo = amazing.
  3. Totally lost the competition, but it was still way more fun that I thought it would be.  More on that later.
  4. I'm a little bit smitten with San Diego and its weather.  Every day I was there was like a perfect Savannah October day.  Perfect Savannah October days are my favorite, and I was much more impressed with the town than I expected.  Also, I saw an old couple holding hands and roller blading!
  5. Ate at Brian Malarkey's restaurant, Searsucker.  You might remember Brian from season 3 of Top Chef, you know, where he was handsome and charming and cooked amazing food.  I didn't realize until much later that we were at his restaurant, which is probably for the best because otherwise I might have completely lost my shit when he was standing right next to our table talking to people and I was all, "Huh.  That guy looks really familiar."  It was delicious, as you would expect.  I ate a giant hunk of pork with bacon emulsion.  Bacon emulsion is basically bacon butter.  I think I would like it on toast.  Or an apple.
Richard Blais and Brian Malarkey!

With that, I'm off to ellipt and then participate in a family snuggle nap.  Did you just puke in your mouth a little?  Yeah, ellipting is gross.

*Not a communist, Michelle Bachman.

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