21 August 2011

My Ghost Sister & Me: The Best-Kept Secret on the Internet

You haven't heard much about my kid sister Chloe lately, have you?  Well, you'll be happy to know that she's still a twisted, weird kid.  And we're really starting to resemble one another.

Chloe's recent Facebook profile picture.  Apparently one of her friends used some "make yourself fat" app and told her he'd buy her a Slurpee if she kept it as her profile picture for like a week or something.

Chloe enjoying her Slurpee prize.

What a beauty!

And such a zest for life!

Well, now that I've sufficiently embarrassed her (not that embarrassing--I snatched all of these pictures from her Facebook, pictures she's shared with all 755 of her "friends".  Chloe, what'd I tell you about friending any old lunatic on Facebook?), I need to tell you about our latest favorite thing.

So, the other night I was talking to Chloe, and our conversation took a strange turn when somehow I imitated her sounding like a ghost, which later evolved into our idea that we should write a sitcom called Ghost Sister.  I gave Chloe the assignment of writing a theme song for the show (she's the musical one), and we laughed about all of the storylines we could come up with for the show.

You can imagine my annoyance, then, when I googled "Ghost Sister," only to discover that someone had our great idea first.  (My feelings were akin to what my friend Ross felt like when he saw the trailers for Jurassic Park and Die Hard.)

But it didn't take long for me to realize that not only had someone, a British fellow by the name of Jason, already come up with Ghost Sister, but he had executed it way better than Chloe and I could have.

It's basically the best-kept secret on the internet, and after I texted Chloe (because I'm hip like that) to tell her that if she didn't start watching Ghost Sister she was going to be my ghost sister, we both became obsessed.

Here's something to whet your Ghost Sister appetite.  Even Matt has said that it's the greatest thing he's ever seen in all his life.*

So watch this one, and enjoy it.  Then check out the My Ghost Sister & Me YouTube channel to see more episodes.  You can thank me later.

So, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to clean the house and do lesson plans.  Or maybe watch all of Ghost Sister again and then order takeout.  Either or.

*Matt didn't say that in those exact words.  It was more like, "You're still watching Ghost Sister?"

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  1. Hi, Just come across your Blog when searching for my series to see what turns up (yes, it's me, Jason, haha) I'm glad you really like the series and thanks so much for the kind words about it. You will be pleased to know there's a season 3 coming out next year :)




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