04 August 2011

This and That

Cassie was berating me earlier for being such a slacker this week on the ol' blog, and since it's her birthday week, I'll oblige and do a post.  

If it's not interesting, blame her.  

1.  Man oh man!  It's a wild and crazy birthday month up in here.  Matt, Cassie, Obama, Grandma Carol, and Caitie (and a bunch of people I probably just offended by forgetting on this list) are all celebrating birthdays in the next few weeks, and I'm stoked, if only for the cake.  And the celebrating life and getting old and being handsome and general awesomesauce awesomeness.  Birthdays!  Woo-hoo!

2. I'm on a popsicle kick.  Also an ice cream kick, cheeseburger kick, apple kick, and kick kick.  But what's new?   At least it's not a crystal meth kick or a murderin' kick.

3.  Speaking of crystal meth and murderin', are you watching the new season of Breaking Bad?  Also, does it make you think that you'd rather just be poor than start cooking meth and doing meth?  (You know, sores on the face, impending doom, parties that destroy your house, etc.) Also, does Gus freak you out or what?

4.  Mitch just smacked me in the face with his waggin' tail.  Oh, that pup.  How can I leave him for four days?  I keep telling him that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and that I'm already getting excited for our happy reunion.  Then he sasses me and tells me to get him another milk bone.  

5.  And, with all that interesting commentary on life and love, I'm off to San Diego for the BlogHer conference and the Knorr cooking contest (eek!).  I'm excited and anxious and a little bit overwhelmed.  Also, I won't have a computer with me (and I got rid of my smartphone after I almost got carpel tunnel because I was on it so much), so if you contact me through any of these newfangled internet mediums, you won't hear back from me until Monday.  Wish me luck!



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