28 August 2011

Weekend Fun

Man oh man I sure did need this weekend.

Here's something that definitely falls under the category of "good problems to have," but when you have two months off of work, and then your first two weeks back are the hardest that you have all year, you will be f'ing exhausted.  The kind of exhausted where your entire body aches and you're too tired to fall asleep quickly.  But it's all good, and most people don't have the good fortune of having two months off of work each year, so I'll deal.  Just don't be mad at me for being such a slackass with posting.

So this weekend was about sleeping, and watching it rain other places while it was gloriously sunny here.  And more sleeping (definitely took two separate naps yesterday).  And Dexter ellipting dates with the Matt.  (PS--you will ellipt very quickly when you are watching Dexter and feeling like you're running away from evil serial killers.)  And not one but TWO trips to Mexico (we're very big into traveling).

Here's what it looked like.

 Dog made himself an earthquake shelter.  We tried to tell him that we were safe, but he was having none of that.

 High class lunch. 

 We'll see just how idiot-proof growing basil is.  Our house is, after all, the place where plants come to die.

 Lest you begin to think that Matt is the cool one in our house, check out his fantasy football research.  

So happy to have a working dryer.

 Trying to keep Mitch from stealing gum right out of our mouths.

And, finally, it's essay-grading hell month.  Until my juniors take their graduation writing test on September 27, my school bag will look like this.

Fortunately, I've got some help.

Hope you stayed safe, that you have electricity, and that you're not swimming around in your own house.  (Unless, of course, your house has a swimming pool in which case I am extremely jealous of you.)


  1. Audrey's mom says: Good luck w Basil!! I cannot keep it alive!! Trader Joe's sees me coming and they just give me my money back. They don't even require that I bring the successfully suicidal (i.e. dead) plant back to the store anymore. They just shake their heads sadly as I happily purchase a new victim and take it home full of hopes and basil-scented dreams...

  2. Good thing Mitch is such a good grader. . .

  3. Kim, that sucks about the basil, but it's nice to know that I'm not the only one who can't seem to figure out how to keep plants alive.

    Shecky, Mitch is a really tough grader, but he provides really insightful, thoughtful feedback.



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