26 August 2011

Little Miss Hurricane

Every time I hear anything about Little Miss Hurricane Irene, I can't help but to start singing Johnny Cash's old "Goodnight Irene."  And what's better, then, than a little porch trio singing it?*

For those of you in Miss Irene's** path, be safe, stay dry, and don't try to go swimming in a flash flood.  It always seems like it'll be way more fun than it ends up being.  (Kind of like camping.)

And come back soon, because this weekend I'll be working on a tasty treat revelation (it is like a vision from an angel), working on a few little house projects (because the in-laws are coming next week and the house needs to look like less of a disorganized pile of garbage), and maybe even taking some pictures of Mitch (in case you forgot what he looks like).  If we're lucky, I'll get Matt all liquored up and make him perform dramatic interpretations of Lifetime movies.

Happy weekend!  T minus 45 minutes until I'm inhaling some Mexican food!

*Note to self: start banjo playin' porch trio band with Matt and Mitch.  

**Also can't help but to think of Irene from the Seattle season of The Real World, who told angry Stephen that he was gay and then was the recipient of "The Slap Heard 'Round the World."  TV history!


  1. oooooo I hope that Angelic dessert is deep fried with double stuff and nugat.

  2. also, your real world nod made me think of the 90's, which makes me think of 90's music, and now I have Little Miss Can't Be Wrong stuck by the Spin Doctors stuck in my head, except the chorus is "Little Miss Little Miss Hurr-icane"

    that is all. have a good weekend!

  3. Hmmmm. No double stuff, and not fried, but there will be nougat.

    I love your song!



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