17 June 2012

Things That Suck and Things That Are Awesome

I know you're probably sitting there, tortured by the knowledge that you lack the mad titling skillz that I have.    Sorry.  We can't all be the best at coming up with blog post titles.

Also, I should extend some apologies for leaving up a crappy post about almost being murdered in a wave pool in the mid-80's for a week and a half.  There you were, coming back, day after day, looking for a great title and maybe a picture of ice cream and I totes failed to deliver.  Shoot.

Well, a fair amount's been going on around these parts.  But for realz, don't get your hopes up too much that what I have to say will be interesting because I have to devote most of my mental energy to talking to a 12-week old and coming up with lyrics to song parodies that use his name.  (New favorite: "My Baby Charlie" to the tune of "That Girl is Poison")  You don't have to tell me that it's lame, but it'll all be worth it in a couple of years when I can train him to do stuff for me like get the remote.

Let's start with the ones that suck.

1.  Mother fucking car.  I love our Volvo.  I do.  It was given to us by the Obama volunteer who lived with us during the 2008 campaign after he abandoned it in a Home Depot parking lot about an hour from here.  It's comfortable and sturdy and has roof racks that make people think that we're outdoorsy.  But it also came out the year I graduated from high school and has been quite costly lately.  Like, more than a month's pay costly.  We've been toeing the line between deciding to put more money into it or just getting something else, and it's in that tricky spot where the decision is just so hard to make.  Well, at least it's a presidential election year.  Guess we better sign up for another Obama volunteer.

2.  Mother fucking washing machine.  Our washing machine recently decided that it doesn't like to drain.  That's fun, especially with a tiny baby, with the massive amounts of laundry that we do each week, and with cloth diapers.  Even more fun?  When I decided to take the washing machine apart last night after watching half a minute-long how-to video on YouTube and ended up flooding my living room and kitchen and then got to spend two hours mopping.

But there are some silver linings and other awesome happenings.

1.  We just replaced the timing belt in the car, and it was expensive.  BUT!  Apparently when timing belts go in Volvos, they always bend valves (I have no idea what that means) and when they bend valves it means that the repair is like $3000.  Our awesome mechanic said that I was the luckiest girl in Savannah, and that he'd never seen one where the timing belt went out but the valves didn't bend.  PLUS!  I had a couple of coupons for auto repair (horray for rewards points!), and it saved us like $400.

2.  That silly house-flooding escapade of mine last night somehow ended with a washer that works.  I don't really know how, but I'm happy.  And I needed to mop anyway.

3.  And, really, why wouldn't I be happy?  IT'S SUMMERTIME!  And we live in a cool place with lots of fun free stuff to do, like take cute tiny babies to the beach.

4.  And that tiny baby slept for 10 hours uninterrupted last night!  Shoot yeah!

5.  And we had a lovely Father's Day!  There were burgers and walks and grilling and chillaxin' and ice cream eating.  Also, why is malted milk ice cream so good?  And why have I already eaten 3 bowls of it today?

6.  Teen Mom's back on!  And I've got Matt watching it now.  Should Matt and I dress up as Amber and Gary for Halloween or what?

8.  Our refrigerator is so nice and organized right now.  And there will be some serious ice creaming happening soon (even if I decide to just make several gallons of malted milk ice cream).

Just regular ice cream.  None of this freaky stuff.  Sorry to disappoint.

9.  In less than a month we'll be heading north to visit friends and family and introduce them to Chaz.  Can't wait to see that little cuteness with people we've loved for years.

10.  Mitch is still the cutest dog this side of the Mississippi.  He's been so good and patient with his brother these last few months.  We're very lucky that when Charlie cries, Mitch just gets up and leaves the room--lucky that Mitch hasn't tried to eat him.

Want to see some pictures of a cute, intelligent, strong, articulate baby?  Okay!

 He's going to be pissed when he figures out that that baby he's been flirting with is really just his reflection.

And with that, I'm off [to lie on the couch and see if I can't get Matt to fetch me my fourth bowl of ice cream for the day]!  Have a great week!

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  1. Duuuuude. They're starting a Teen Mom 3. It's like MTV doesn't want me to watch any other channel.



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