26 June 2012

What Up?

First of all, thank you for all of the well-wishes and happy thoughts sent our way as our sweet pup babe had surgery.  He was pretty pitiful there for a day or so, but he's back to his old self now, just a cone-headed version. Mitch seems to have resigned himself to the fact that the cone is now a part of him, which is simultaneously amazing because he's so adaptable and sad because he can't understand what it means when we tell him that hopefully he only has to wear the shade of shame for a few more days.  There's been lots of knocking into stuff, knocking stuff over, and learning how to do basic things with a giant plastic head.

I shared this on the book of faces a few days ago, but check out the greatest dog on the planet, so determined to lick the container that once held a batch of malted milk ice cream.

My god, I love this dog! (And the man and the baby are pretty great, too!)

We kind of wrote off the weekend since Matt had to work and we felt like we needed to monitor Mitch, so it was pretty quiet around here.  On Saturday, Charlie turned three months old and we celebrated our 5-year anniversary, though both happened without much fanfare. (The fifth year is the timing belt/tumor removal year for gifts, right?)  We're gearing up for a July of fun, though.

I'm off for three weeks right now until I do another week of tutoring, so I'm trying to find stuff to do that's low-cost, fun, and interesting.  We're discovering and re-discovering some of the local parks, and going for lots of long walks.  Really, anything to get me out of our living room.

There's really not much going to to share, but there are some things that have been on my mind, mostly just crap I hate.  And we're off!

1. Becky and I came up with an idea about how we would not only like to lose weight, but we'd also like to take those pounds and put them on someone we don't like (we definitely have a few people in mind).  Wouldn't that be the most fun?  Wait!  Is this already happening and there are just a lot of people out there who don't like me?  Shoot.

2. Also, I really hate heart hands.  I hate them so much.  I'm sure I just offended, like, everybody (if Pinterest is any indication of what people are into these days).  But for real, why, why, why does everyone do it?  It's the worst.  Plus, I did a little bit of research on the internet and found that it came from Taylor Swift and her fans.  But there's another possibility that I saw on The Hairpin.  Anyway, heart hands, be gone! Unless you're really into Taylor Swift, in which case you probably have bigger problems than heart hands. (Oh, and if you're somehow lucky enough not to know what heart hands are, here's an example, Grandma.)

3. Matt and I actually tried two new meals last week, both tasty grilled meals.  One was a sweet and spicy glaze, which was supposed to be for shrimp but that we made for chicken because we don't eat shrimp.  It was super easy and tasty, a definite make-again.  I had a picture of it, but I lost it.  Mother F.

4.  Have I already shared with you that, now that I'm a mother officially, I'd like for people to refer to me as Mother F?  Do you think that we should teach Charlie and Mitch to refer to Matt's mom as Grandmother F?  I bet she wouldn't approve.  When Charlie has a kid, I'm totes going to be Grandmother F.

5.  I have a really fun furniture project coming up.  I was going to do it today, but, alas, for the second time in like a month Matt and I had no idea there was a tropical storm coming, so it rained buckets today and I didn't think it wise to go outside and try to spray paint a bunch of crap.  Here's a hint, though.

6. I'm mad that Matt talked me out of buying big garish lime green rain boots a few months ago.

7.  Amber from Teen Mom just gets more loathsome by the second.

And, with that, I've got to get to bed.  My tiny baby parasite will be up before I know it.  Can't wait until he's four months old.  That's when we get to start giving him NyQuil to sleep through the night.*

*Jokes.  We wouldn't give him NyQuil.  Turkey and red wine, however. . .


  1. I feel like there's an inspirational/motivational message somewhere in that video.

    also--what the hell kind of detox do they have Amber on? It looks like she's about to nod out in every scene. But if I got the chance to punch just one of them in the face, just out of sheer annoyance, it'd be Farrah. That girl is pure evil.

  2. A message about how you should never give up when you want ice cream?

    OMG AMBER. I have no idea what's going on with her. She's so awful, and is totally playing to the cameras. Matt and I have had long conversations about who's worse, Amber or Farrah, and always decided that Farrah is the worse one. Amber is worse, but she actually seems to have had a really fucked up background, whereas Farrah is just a spoiled bitch. Both are incredibly, incredibly stupid.



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