05 June 2012

This and That

Let's talk about a few things for a hot minute here.

 1. The vending machine at school now takes credit cards, which means that I have been eating like complete shit every day at school. I really need to stop, too, because I'm afraid that I'm going to somehow influence young Charles and he'll grow to subsist only on Cheetos and Twix bars. And don't we all want our kids to be better than we were?

 2. I love powder cheese. I know it's disgusting and loaded with chemicals and likely part of the reason that I can't focus on anything for more than five seconds, but I love it. I love licking it off of my fingers, I love Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, and I love the Doritos Loco taco from Taco Bell. Admitting this on the internet feels akin to admitting that I bite my toenails or something (I do not bite my toenails). Is there some kind of support group for this?

3. I've been sick since Saturday, which sucks in regular life but super sucks in life with an infant. I want to just lie in bed with my dog and take one nap after another, but I now have a wee babe that I have to keep alive, and he's not too keen on letting me take naps. Also, I really don't want to get him sick, and short of just washing my hands a bunch and trying my best not to breathe on him, I don't know how to keep him from my germs. Oh, and we had to stop playing our latest favorite game, Miami Cannibal. Babies love when you pretend to eat their faces.

4. Made these cookies. They were really good, but more work than I feel like a cookie should be.

5. Want to see the cutest baby you've ever seen in his new favorite contraption? Okay!

6. I feel like Mitch and I need to go on a little vacation by ourselves. We haven't had a lot of good quality time together lately, and it makes me sad.

7. Matt and I haven't tried a new dinner recipe in a while. We feel like we're doing well by actually cooking dinner regularly instead of just going out, so we're not beating ourselves up about it or anything, but I'd really like a new dinner. This peanut chicken looks pretty tasty, doesn't it?

8. School's out on Friday! It's weird this year, though, because I'm torn about summer. On one hand, I can't wait. On the other, I am kind of afraid of returning home to babyland for two months. I wish that I could still go to work, except that I would only have like 2 students at a time, and that the workday would be from about 10:00-1:00. And I would like to get paid twice as much, while we're at it. How can I make this happen?

9. Want cake. Now.

10. Also, Matt and I are both in love with Adam from Girls.

11.  Babies love ribs.

12. Babies also love hats.  They love the hat even more if the hat features a pirate octopus.


  1. OMG bonnie prince Charlie is SO CUTE!!!

  2. I want to bury myself in those cookies. nom nom nom.

  3. And if it makes you feel any better, I'm also a big fan of powdered cheese. But not liquid cheese like velveeta. One has to maintain their principles.

  4. Adam from Girls is totally BiPolar!!!

  5. Adam from Girls is totally BiPolar!!!

  6. Adam from Girls is totally BiPolar!!!



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