02 September 2009

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Mean!

I'm not one of those people who has lots of friends. No no no. Instead, I'm one of those people who finds a handful of amazing friends and never lets them go.

Friends like Caitie. Caitie, who lived diagonally across the hall from me freshman year of college, who was my roommate at our beloved Grattan Street home my senior year, who was my maid of honor, who is loyal, who is kind, who is passionate and compassionate, who is a dedicated teacher, who is wildly creative, who is honest, who is in so many ways the kind of person I want to be. She's hilarious, she's a fan of New England sports teams (and was even when they sucked), and she oozes charisma.

Oh yeah, and she does a hell of a velociraptor impression.

Today Caitie celebrates her 28th birthday, and I'm sad that I won't be there to share in the birthday fun, but I'll be there in spirit. And next time we see each other, I'm making her these.

Caitie was, after all, the other participant in our Fattest of the Fat contests.
Happy birthday, old friend.

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