11 January 2011

Good to Know. . .

As you probably know, we've been pro-baby around these parts for a little while. 

I'm still in disbelief, too.

I'm in disbelief because there's nothing that I'm more afraid of than being pregnant.  Nothing.  Not jumpy frogs, not albino killers, not anything.

Fortunately, our good friend Christina recently mailed me a book with some tips about pregnancy, and now that I'm better-informed, I'm feeling a little bit more comfortable about getting myself knocked up (or "in trouble" if we're talking Dirty Dancing speak).

For example, now I know that I need to ride that mechanical bull sooner rather than later.

And that it's not okay to eat monkey brains with a spoon while nurturing a fetus.

Or to continue taking 'roids.  (Oh man, what if I was with child and got poison ivy!?  Then what would I do?)

No keggers or skydiving, either?!  Now that's some bull jive.

Well, at least there's a spinning wheel of responsibility. 

I mean, if I have to go almost a year without digging into monkey brains with a spoon, then it's only fair that Matt would have to change more diapers.  Am I right or am I right?  Or am I right?

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