30 January 2011

Weekend Fun!

Last year I was a jealous mess when my friends and family up north were getting pounded with snow.  Then it snowed here, which satisfied me. 

This year, in what I believe is a testament to how I've worked to have a good attitude about stuff, I haven't really been jealous of other people's snow at all. 

And when I looked at our forecast for the weekend and saw that we were in for a weekend of mid-70's and sunshine, I had not an ounce of envy for those who are covered with the white stuff.

Top that with the promise of a chili dog feast with good friends, and I knew we were in for good times.

So our weekend consisted of:

Snugglin' dogs.

An IKEA rat infestation.

More dog snugglin'.

Grapefruit juice squeezin'.

Outside lunch eatin'.

Lots of ice creamin'.

Not pictured:
  • Room rearrangin'.
  • Phone talkin'.
  • Nappin'.
And now (and seemingly until the end of time), paper gradin'. 

When I find my way out from under this stack of ninth graders' persuasive essays (my Everest!), I'll share some more fun stuff from the weekend.

Hope your weekend was just lovely!


  1. Ok now I am the jealous heap beacause of your outdoor eatin' weekend. Get this, we are supposed to get like 15 inches of snow by Wed. Can you say snow day? Maybe I'll get a chance to catch up on my paper gradin'. (Funny too, because like you, I also have a folder that is all raggedy that says "Needs graded" on the front. It's kinda creepy how alike we really are!

  2. Ha! There are no snow days in our future, but I've gotten to where I'm okay with that.

    And I have a weird thing where I will use that folder all year long. I enjoy how ratty it gets.

    You should just pack up the kids and come down to Savannah (though I'd check the weather first--it does actually get cold here).



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