24 January 2011


Brace yourself, because you're about to see something that rivals the porcelain roller skate for the title of greatest thing of all time.

Last week I posted about how obsessed I've become with Fire Hydrant Press on Etsy.  After communicating with the shopkeeper (Is that what you call people who have Etsy shops?  If not, it should be.) about American Dingo/Husky silhouettes, I realized that there didn't exist a stock photo that looked exactly like my little Mitchell, my dog dream come true, the E.T. to my Elliott.

Except that this would never happen because Mitch hates bicycles. 

So I decided to go the route of the custom silhouette, where I could send in a picture of Mitch that she would use to create the silhouette.

I sent in this picture (taken the day I found a special surprise on the picnic table).

And she made this.
And I love it with my heart and with my soul. 

What do you think?  Do you kind of want to steal this image and put it on a tshirt?  Or a tote bag? 

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