01 January 2011

Hola, 2011.

New Year's is nice, but I kind of don't care about it.

Since I have been either in school or teaching school since I was five (except for those two years after college when I just waited tables and made bad decisions), I measure my years by school years instead of calendar years.  So really New Year's is just kind of depressing to me because it means that I have to go back to work soon, and gone will be the days of lounging around in my pajamas, staying up until 4:00 a.m. talking to Matt and drinking wine, and then sleeping in until noon just because I can.

And I don't really do resolutions, either (I talked about it some last year, but really it's just because I'm lazy and don't care).  And since it's considered poor form to make your New Year's resolution "to get knocked up," well, I guess I'm just going to say that I don't have one.

But I do think Mitch wants a kid sister.  (Yeah, yeah, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit, too.) (Oh, and we're not getting a goat!  Not that kind of kid!)

This is the part where I post 7 of the 121 pictures I took of him snuggling with Iris and Opal on the couch tonight while they watched Toy Story 3.

For serious!

In other news, tomorrow is my last day of vacation, and I kind of want to lie on the ground and kick and scream like a small child.  But we've got oodles of fun fast approaching, so there's no point in being a baby.

Also, my car won't start.  (Booooo!)

Also, it's raining, which means that I won't be vacuuming the floor for at least nine days.

I'm out of things to say right now.  Except that I'm ashamed of myself for still liking (really liking) Don Draper after he does so many skeevy things.

Oh man, looks like 2011 is off to a rocky start.

How about you?  Any resolutions?  Any dogs on couches with cute girls?

1 comment:

  1. here's a little cheer:
    when home with your newborn, you do stay up till 4am, and can hopefully nap on and off till noon!

    dogs and babies make the best of friends.

    and, as for don--don't hate the player, hate the game.

    Happy New Year!



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