27 July 2011

Back with a Vengeance

That title probably made you think that I'm mad.  I'm not mad.  Well, not angry mad.  Crazy mad, maybe.  Who cares?  I'm off topic already.

Anyway, we're back from our little summer trip.  It was just delightful.  We chillaxed, and ate at every chain restaurant that we don't have at home (judge away), and shopped, and ice creamed, and gambled (super poker-playin' Matt won $600!), and talked, and swam, and drank, and laughed, and went for boat rides, and watched HGTV (a must when visiting Matt's parents--Matt's dad's commentary alone makes it worthwhile), and almost got attacked by a swarm of bees a la Macaulay Culkin's character in My Girl.*

Here's what it looked like.

 Malted milk ice cream, this time with chocolate malt powder.  Out of control.

 Got to see Matt's old roommate, Brad, who has a good job and is handsome and looking for a wife.  Ladies?  Anyone?  He's funny, too!

Anyone?  He's really funny!  And important!

 Mitch loves it when he can run around outside sans leash.  So do I.

 Buffalo chicken tender night.

I like to torment Matt's younger brother by taking 100 pictures of him at a time.  He loves it, I'm pretty sure.

 When Mitch is on vacation, he refuses to eat dog food.  Only treats and steak.  Spoiled dog.

 Been eating grilled cheese sandwiches like it's my job.

Boat ride = happy pup.

I know you've probably been feeling a void in your heart since we haven't been updating much, but have no fear.  I've got recipes and some house stuff and some rants about MTV shows on their way.  Stay tuned!

*My Girl is the second movie that made me cry like a baby.  The first was The Land Before Time.  Poor Littlefoot!


  1. Glad you're back, is it sad that I kept checking for posts?????

    Brad must be funny, and important, I swear I'm seeing stars!

    (you need bacon jam on that sammich!)

  2. Brad's a catch! You're right, bacon jam would've been pretty awesome. I think I might have to swing by Back in the Day Bakery to get some without having to do any work. Sorry about the silence. It should be better from here on out--for a bit, at least.

    Oh, and I don't really know why I labeled that other post "hookers." I think I thought it was funny, you know, like I'm a corporate whore now. I don't even know if that makes sense, but when are hookers not funny, right? Right?

  3. Where is my dog nephew on a raft?! Also, vacation looks just delightful. We love the lake! xoxo



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