16 July 2011

Long Time No Talk.

Hey there.  Sorry you haven't heard much from us lately.  On Tuesday we got the sad news that some of our best friends here are moving far far away, and very soon, and it's been just a little bit heartbreaking for me.  Add that to that the fact that the most exciting or interesting thing I've done all week has been to replace a faucet, and you might be thanking me that I haven't been cluttering up the interwebs with my sad, cranky, dull self all week.

I'm at the point now where I can talk about them moving without crying, and we're going on vacation soon, and I've been trying to find things to do (read: to eat) that are comforting.

So here's what's brought me joy this week.

That dog and that husband hurt my heart--in a good way. 

Fancy little notebook for my purse and a Pilot Precise V Rolling Ball pen to match.  Also, Mexican food. 

Watching a friend with giant cojones do stand-up comedy. 

 Back in the Day Bakery key lime bar and bacon jam.  Now if that doesn't make you happy, nothing will.

 Lizard butt.

Watermelon juice.  F yeah!

Five more pounds of peaches.  I will try not to eat them all in one sitting.

Not pictured: watching the series finale of Friday Night Lights (I love Coach Taylor with my whole being!), boxed wine, Cassie, sassy little kids who will make you cry by saying things like "I drew you this picture so that you would have something to remember us when we move," yoga pants, down comforters, Pinterest, Parks & Recreation, phone chats with my nearest and dearest, and hot dogs.  And Alexia fries.  And ketchup.  We're classy like that.

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