28 July 2011

This and That

1.  Put the white couch cover on and I'm completely in love.  Also pretty enamored with my new Savannah toille pillow.  Maybe having the white cover will inspire me to be better about keeping the floors clean?  Oh, and I still can't decide which color to dye the other one.  Oh, and if this one looks a little dingy it's because it's the one from the as-is bin and I just haven't washed it.  Probably going to get some kind of weird communicable disease or something, but I was tired of doing laundry.

2.  Yesterday was a day dedicated to doing nothing except eating, watching Parks & Recreation, and assigning a Hogwarts house to everyone we know.  In short, if you are awesome, you go to Gryffindor.  If you are kind of awesome, but more nerdy than awesome, then you go to Ravenclaw.  If you are dumb, you go to Hufflepuff.  And if we don't like you, you go to Slytherin.  And just to make sure that our assessments are accurate, I just took an online quiz, and I'm totes Gryffindor.  Duh.

3.  I think there should be a "correct pronoun usage" challenge on the Real World/Road Rules Challenge.  Also, CT is hot.  Crazy, maybe has rabies, but hot nonetheless.  Matt thinks I have bad taste and that CT eats his young.  Have we talked about this before?

That cut above his eye is probably from fighting a helicopter or trying to bite the head off of a rhinoceros.

4.  Mitch is still the cutest dog on the planet.  I think he's a little mad at us right now, though, because we have yet to buy him his own lake house and boat.

5.  I can't watch that Sarah MacLaughlin commercial (that's on right now, but I'm averting my eyes) with all of the dogs and cats because it makes me cry like a baby and then I just want to buy a farm and just adopt dogs and cats and be crazy.

6.  Made Spicy Pork Stew for dinner the other night, because apparently I'm on a spicy pork kick, and because it's actually one of the most healthy things we make, besides, you know, lettuce and ice cube popsicles.  The original recipe came from some diabetes website, and Cassie says that I should just call it diabetes stew, which would set really low expectations, and then when people eat it they'll be amazed at how good it is.  (Kind of like the movie Hot Tub Time Machine.) It's really good.  It's even better with this cornbread.

7.  If you haven't checked it out already, go to Cassie's bee-log and learn how to make mayonnaise by watching her vee-log.  I hate mayonnaise, but I kind of want to make it and then make some fancy chicken salad or something.

8.  Are you on Pinterest yet?  Come play with me on Pinterest, already!

9.  I took a shower this morning (amazing, I know), and my hair is still wet 14 hours later.  Oh, delightful Savannah humidity.

10.  I think that if I don't watch my favorite HBO movie, It's Complicated, RIGHT THIS SECOND, the universe might implode.

Hope your Friday is the bee's knees!


  1. 1. Love the couch cover and the toille. I am now definitely voting for you to leave the other one white.
    2. Gryffindor all the way. Let pretend like Hugh is in Slytherin. Funny only because old ladies at the hospital ask him for hugs.
    3. I don't know who this person is, but I'm with Matt all the way. He would totally give you herpes. The person pictured, that is. Not Matt. Because if Matt was going to give you herpes, well, that ship has probably sailed.
    4. Check. Also, Hugh and I are mad that you haven't bought a lake house and a boat, too.
    5. Oh my god! What is that the saddest commercial ever made?! I have to mute it and/or leave the room every time it comes on.
    6. Diabetes stew...way more delicious than it sounds.
    7. :)
    8. Yes.
    9. I took a shower last night and my hair is still wet this morning! Ah, GA in the summer.
    10. Love that movie.

  2. 2. Hugh is in Slytherin because he's ambitious.
    3. Matt must've told you.
    4. Keep trying to win the lottery, but I am so bad at the lottery.

  3. your couch=awesome sauce

    hogwarts houses=disappointment sauce. I'd end up in hufflepuff on account of horrible math skills. or slytherin on account of my odd thing for Draco

    diabetic stew=delicious sauce

  4. Draco, really? You should totes make diabetic stew. It's like 200 calories a bowl or something.

  5. Yeah, it's weird, I mean, I'm definitley more into Harry. But there's some kind of sneaky vulnerability to Draco. And Harry's into Ginny and that bugs me and I'm going to stop commenting in this because I'm creeping myself out

  6. Audrey's mom would like to say that I have to change that commercial on the spot. Also the one with Willie Nelson. As a matter of fact, Sarah M's music was banned from the bank I used to work at. too freakin' sad!!

  7. AND I want to be Meryl Streep in it's complicated when I grow up. Or Maxine Gray.

  8. Hi, Kim! I totally want to be Meryl Streep in It's Complicated, too! That bakery! That house! The lavender honey ice cream! The only thing I don't like is that she likes weird Steve Martin over awesome Alec Baldwin.

    And that commercial must be really effective because they've been playing it for years. So upsetting!

  9. Audrey, can't we just all be into Oliver Wood and call it a day?



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