10 July 2011

Weekend Fun

I'm starting to enter into that part of the summer where I need other people to remind me that it's the weekend.  Shoot yeah!  And I've been spending the last few days being grossly, disgustingly lazy and gluttonous.  For serious.  

In other news, the new season of Teen Mom is on (OMG SO MUCH ANGER!  WOULD IT BE SO WRONG TO PUT BIRTH CONTROL IN THE WATER??) and True Blood is fun.  I also mopped all of the floors in the house.  It's embarrassing how infrequently that task gets completed.  Oh well.  It's fun to walk around the house with bare feet--at least until the next thunderstorm rolls in.  (Annnnnnd. . .we've officially bored the beejeezus out of the blog readers.)  

Aside from eating ungodly amounts of food, watching Parks & Recreation on Netflix instant, and working, albeit slowly, to cross off everything on my giant to-do list, not much has been happening around here.  It's not been terribly exciting (except for that time we saw a spider get a beetle in its web!), but it's been pretty nice.  I've found that I'll usually choose nice over exciting, anyway.

 Buffalo chicken salad--favorite summertime somewhat healthy meal.

Found an awesome milk glass vase at Goodwill for a dollar!

 Crazy ice creaming.

Singing songs.

 Discovery channel at the Carport Bistro!

 Matt Kung Paoing it up!

So Southern you can't even stand it. 

Time for True Blood!

Happy week to you!  May you forget what day it is!

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  1. OMG!!! I just made that ice cream. It's SOOO GOOD!!!! Did you like it?



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