06 July 2011

I See a Brown Table and I Want to Paint It ________.

I'm really challenged in the grown-up furniture department.  There are like three pieces of furniture in our house that are not from IKEA or Craigslist (even though, who cares, right, because IKEA and Craigslist are awesome!), and the few actual nice things we have came from Matt's mom.*

Anyway, we used to use this little computer table as our end table between our two recliners (one from Goodwill, one from Craigslist), but then it was always covered with cords and Reese's cup wrappers and coasters and cameras and crap, so I decided that we needed something that had storage.

Then, a few months back, I picked up this little fun table at a used furniture store by our house for $10!  And Matt and I both love it, except that I would love it more if it were painted.

Are you so jealous of Mitchell fur tumbleweeds?

It should be noted here that Matt does not want me to paint the table, and it's only been after several weeks of, "Yeah?  You're sure you want to keep that table that ugly shade of scuffed up brown?" that he's even been worn down and agreed that I can paint it.  But his agreement is all accompanied by eyeball rolling and slow head turning and shoulder shrugs, and now I'm a little conflicted because I want Matt to want me to paint the table.  And at that point we're basically Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston from that crappy break up movie, and even though we look like them (totally identical twins), we don't really want to go down that path because if we broke up we'd have to change our Facebook relationship statuses.

So you know what?  I don't care if he wants me to paint the table.  He's not going to be mad at me if I paint it, and there's a good chance that he'll realize afterward that I was totally right.**

Now, I've got some options here, and I want your opinion.  This table will be going in our ultra-white-with-bright-accents living room, and I can't decide if I should be conservative with it and paint it black.

Or if I should be more bold and do something like yellow?

 Or orange?

Or turquoise?

Or purple?

And now I want your vote.  What should it be?  The grown-up black?  Or one of the more colorful, exciting, fun alternatives?

*Without Matt's parents and our wedding registry, Matt and I would basically have an office chair and a rusty knife.  Sounds like the scene of a scary movie, huh?  

**See, also: parmesan cheese really does taste better when you shred it yourself; we should have an adventure honeymoon instead of an all-inclusive one; the dog should sleep in the bed.


  1. No one else is awake, I'll take this one... turquoise, mostly because I have the rest of the bedroom furniture which matches that piece! (JCPenney 1965'ish, my parents bedroom furniture.) I've been considering painting it to brighten things up a bit but I'd probably screw it up, so you do it first.

    Uh, and I like the bright accents in the white room...as long as you put them in the correct order. :0)

  2. I'm going to go with...ORANGE! Just do it.

  3. I like orange and TURQUOISE!!!

  4. Turquoise
    I can see the color!
    Spence aka Matt's Dadd

  5. Came back to change my vote to orange... forgot about the turquoise wall in the other room, too matchy.

  6. Orange. Because it's awesome. And if you paint the table orange, you will be too. Also, say fuck less in your blog unless you don't want to be a lady.

  7. Way to come over the side of righteousness, Beth! Also, to the side of rightness.

  8. Orange!

    But I also vote for salmon. I grew up with salmon painted dresser and nightstand table (nightstand table is visible here: http://audreykosher.blogspot.com/2011/06/tuesday-nights-with-dog.html in the last dog picture), and every single day it made me smile. And when the sun hits it, it makes any room look like it's plucked out of Paris. Fo real.

  9. Thanks Cassie! I have to admit, I also decided to paint my filing cabinet orange as well. What can I say, I was inspired!

  10. What would Obam do, Amanda? Paint that shit orange, that's what he'd do.

  11. AJF,

    I've notice you have stalled on the living room project a little bit.

    Let's get back on it and paint this table orange.

    What are you waiting for? The approval of the good Lord in Heaven? Well, now you've got it.




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