08 July 2011

Freaky Friday

So, the other day I was tackling projects on my overly ambitious two-page big orange to-do list, and because I'd rolled my ankle on the elliptical* I was trying to do as many of the tasks as I could from my perch on the couch.**  One of these tasks was to go through all of our food magazines from the past year and to rip out recipes we'd like to try.  Because I've put off this task for ONE YEAR.  Mother effer.

So while I was lying on the couch holding feet with my pup and being a generally worthless human being, I came across this recipe for what seemed like a pretty dynamite cookie.  Oatmeal AND pecans AND chocolate chips?  Um, okay!  Let's do it!

And I told Matt about the recipe and I was all excited about it and Matt was basically all, "Oatmeal!?  Bleck!" and then I remembered that Matt hates oatmeal.  When he tried my homemade oatmeal creme pies (which were really, really, really fantastic!) a few weeks back he basically spit them out  in my face***.  Oh, that Matt.  Guess he wasn't going to be my cookie-eating partner this time.

So after I healed my ankle this weekend with a secret healing potion (gin and ribs), I decided that I was going to make these cookies and maybe I'd just mail them to people or give them to the neighbors or something.  And I was all excited and Matt was all "meh" and I set out to making them.

Then, when the bowl was licked and the cookies were baked, I tried one.  And then I was all, "meh"!  I thought they needed more salt (at least twice as much) and that they could've used some cinnamon or nutmeg, too.  And then Matt came in the kitchen and asked how they were.  I expressed my disappointment with the cookies, and he kind of shrugged in that way that said, "What'd you expect when you made a lamesville oatmeal cookie?"  And then he said, "Are they really that bad?" and he tried one.

And then he tried another.

And then another.

Every time I'd turn around Matt would be eating another cookie!  He was raving about them.

So, basically, we've got some crazy Freaky Friday shit going on here.

You should make these cookies if you like oatmeal cookies, or if you don't like oatmeal cookies, apparently.  Do not make these cookies if you are allergic to pecans, because that would be just foolish.  Oh, but if you do make these cookies, double the salt and add 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon to them.  I think they'll be better that way.

*I am stupid.

**Perhaps I subconsciously rolled my ankle accidentally ON PURPOSE because I didn't want to do projects or clean the house anymore and instead I just wanted to lie on the couch and eat tortilla chips.

***Gross exaggeration.  He actually just took one bite, made a kind of weird face, and then put the cookie down.

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  1. How can Matt hate oatmeal when he starts every day bright and early with a large bowl of porridge?



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