19 May 2009

Go Adam!

All the cool people know that tonight is part one of the finale of American Idol. Matt and I mocked AI for years, but finally became interested last year during the writer’s strike, when nothing else was available to watch. What we hadn’t realized for all of those years is that AI is fantastic. There’s something really special about a show that appeals to me, my grandma, Matt's parents, and my students all at the same time. And there’s something even more special about Adam Lambert.

Oh, Adam. . . He’s kind of like Elvis gone punk. I’ve gushed about Adam to the point where Matt might leave me. I’ve spent hours on the phone voting for him, and I’ve downloaded all of his performances on iTunes. It’s probably true that Adam would be much more interested in Matt than in me, but I don’t care. He’s going on the list!

What seems really funny to me is that when we were younger, my friend Tanya and I had a string of beautiful Adams with whom we were obsessed. There was Adam the Jehovah’s Witness with one eye (well, he was blind in one eye), there was Adam with the webbed feet, there was her neighbor Adam (we would take pictures of him with her mom’s nice camera with the powerful zoom lens). And now there’s guyliner skinny jeans Adam. It feels like my life is coming full circle.

By the way, my grandma is also an Adam Lambert fan.

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