30 May 2009

Matt and Mandy = Barack Obama

Matt and I are pretty much exactly like Barack Obama. Some examples:

  • Matt smokes, but is trying to quit.
  • I am tan.
  • We are good at basketball.
  • We have a dog.
  • We live in a white house.
  • We like to watch The Wire.
  • We like Michelle Obama.
  • We are really, really, really ridiculously good-looking.
  • We LOVE Five Guys burgers.

It was nice (but not at all surprising) to hear that our man Obam' recently hit up his local Five Guys. I'm telling you: exactly the same.

One explanation for these uncanny similarities may be that we're related. Matt is very very distantly related to Dick Cheney (everyone should have an evil cousin) who is very very distantly related to Obam'. The Obamas will be here for Thanksgiving. And their picture is already on our mantle.

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