18 May 2009


I accept that this show is fake and horrible and ridiculous. My husband (who, by the way, is a loyal watcher of any Real World/Road Rules challenge) refuses to watch it with me. But it's also AMAZING. I think I really just watch it to feel superior. And it works. Case in point:
On the preview for the next episode of The Hills, Spencer remarks to Heidi that "getting married will save this relationship."
What's more frustrating is that some people actually believe this. "Maybe if we sign some papers and have a big party and get some new jewelry, then we won't hate each other, cheat on each other, and fight all the time." It's horrible, but that's what we've come to expect from platinum-haired Heidi and her beau with the flesh-colored beard.
And don't even get me started on Audrina and Stephanie. . .

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  1. i've hung out with Big E (Eric) from the Real World/Road Rules Challenge. We got hammered and he passed out on my couch. True story.



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