14 June 2009

And I hate Jillian Michaels right back.

Tonight, while waiting for Matt to get home from his weekend at the spa, I decided I had enough time to shred before he came home. And in a flash of genius I decided that I was ready for level 2. I was NOT ready for level 2. I am writing this from beyond the grave.

Of course I didn't actually die, but I felt like I might. Look how red my face was!

And if you're wondering if I'm using this post to announce to the world that I am pregnant, I am not. I am not pregnant, unless you can be pregnant with hot dogs and cupcakes and wine.

Anyway, the shred was anything but an enjoyable experience, and I again feel like I may vomit. This is my "Stay the hell away from me, Jillian Michaels, or I'll hurt you in a knife fight" look.

I think I'll be sticking with level 1 for a bit longer.


  1. This is an awesome post! I hope your sticking with it. I hate Jillian. I think she has a potty mouth and cannot control her anger. It's like she's on steroids. If she ever talked to me the way she talks to the people on Biggest Loser I'd taze her.

  2. I hate her for real. Steroids are definitely the culprit. He/She (?) It makes me sick! Hypocrite!

  3. Wow, hate is pretty intense. don't think i'm ready for level two

  4. I think Jillian is awesome. She uses that as her motivator and for some people it works. I did the video and I "hated her too" but only cause my body was so sore which is a great thing. She changes lives, and you see the people on the show they are thrilled with her after. Stick with it, some day that hate will turn to love!

  5. I found a horrible post about our Jill! Someone needs to flame the hell out of this guy named Ace. I've tried to flame him in the past, but he's too snarky even for me!


    I hate this dude!



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