07 June 2009

A Near-Death Experience

This will probably be my final blog post, since I was viciously attacked this morning by my worst enemy: a jumpy frog. He jumped onto my hand while I was switching laundry this morning, and proceeded to inject his deadly jumpy frog poison into my bloodstream. Then he jumped into my mouth and used his little sucker fingers to open and close my mouth and force me to chew him, then ingesting the poison. I might have a few more hours to live.

I hate jumpy frogs. Hatred in my heart. They're evil, and they always attack me and look at me. They want me dead.

It's been good knowing you.

PS--I tried a few months ago to make Matt be the one in charge of switching laundry. It didn't take. I bet he's going to be pretty sad when I die from a laundry-related attack.

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