23 June 2009

Two Whole Years!

Today is our second wedding anniversary. We'll probably have a low-key, sleeping in, talking, Fresh Market steak-eating, wine drinking day. It's going to be awesome. Oh, and we'll be buying Punch Out for the Wii. I will win.

I don't really feel like subjecting you to all of the reasons I love Matt and why we're so happy and blah blah. Instead, I'd like to reflect on our kick-ass wedding. I planned it for a year and a half (For those of you who are doing the math--yes, I was planning the wedding before Matt had officially proposed. I'm sure that seems obnoxious, but I had lots of planning to do, he's a procrastinator, and we had already had long discussions about when we would get married.)

Some highlights:

My mom did all of the flowers. I'm now completely obsessed with hydrangeas, and will be going out later tonight to cut blooms off of my neighbor's impressive bushes. Below is my bouquet. It also had a gardenia in it. Mmmmmmmm, gardenia. . .
We had both the ceremony and the reception at my grandma's house. It's like a fairy country wonderland.

Nobody tied up Mitch. He walked down the aisle in front of my dad and me, and during the ceremony was finding sticks and people to play fetch with him. It was awesome.
I also wanted to apologize to my bridesmaids for making them wear yellow. I'm not sure if this is better or worse, but if I could do it all again, I'd have them in hot pink.
My old roommate from college, Becky, got ordained online so that she could perform the ceremony. She now insists that we refer to her as Reverend.

See, we love each other.

My dad did all of the food, which was especially impressive because we had 180 people, and the food was delicious.

My dad also rented a cotton candy machine. Badass.

Our wedding served as a bit of a JMU reunion. We shared a special moment when the DJ played "Country Roads," and we all pretended we were back in college.

Chloe caught the bouquet.

And what's a wedding if it doesn't end with a heated game of flip cup?

And as great as the wedding was, being married is even better.

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