05 June 2009

Another Post from Mitch

Hey, you guys. Sorry it's been so long since I've posted, but I've been really busy. I have a friend staying with me for a couple of weeks, so I've been, you know, entertaining. This is a picture of my friend. (He's the one in back, but sometimes I joke with him and tell him that he's a rat dog.) His name is Reilly, and we've been friends for a while now. He's fun most of the time.

Reilly is a little bit crazy. I mean, when I'm by myself I pretty much just eat and lay on the couch, but when Reilly is here it's all go all the time. I mean, Reilly, chill out sometimes! We play chase and take turns chasing each other. It's exhausting, but it's so fun. He used to try to hump me, but he's matured and he doesn't do that anymore. Plus, if he did, I would bite him.

We like to do a lot of the same stuff. We bark at kids who walk by the house, we bark at the mailman, we eat, we sleep on the couch, and we chew bones. We also like to snuggle with my mom and dad.
Here I am making sure there are no kids walking by the house.

I hold my bone while I look out the window. Sometimes being a watchdog makes me want to chew something.

Reilly and I have had to play inside today, since it's raining. Can you see how wet my head is? I hate the rain, and so does Reilly. I think this weekend we are going to rent Hotel for Dogs and watch the finale of The Hills with my mom and dad. Heidi and Spencer are sooooo stupid!
I really like having a dog friend for a while, but it just makes me so happy that I don't have any human brothers or sisters. I'm an only dog.

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