21 June 2009

Weekend Surprise

I got off of work yesterday at 4:00, and decided that I needed to go to Target and the mall and Publix to buy things I don't need. Three hours passed, and I was about $70 poorer when I returned home. Matt was already at work for the night, and I was slowly unloading groceries and relaxing. I had about a billion things I had planned on doing around the house, but was procrastinating. Instead, I did my usual getting home stuff: talked to the dog, compulsively checked the interwebs, checked the mail.

Our mail comes through a slot in our front door, so when I check the mail I always open the door to make sure that there aren't any packages there. Yesterday when I performed this little ritual there was a package at the door, but not one that had been mailed. It was just an oblong package wrapped in blue paper. No name, no nothing.

My first thought was that it was a bomb, so I squeezed it to make sure that it wasn't a bomb. Because that's what you should do should you suspect that you're handling a bomb--squeeze it. Finally, I got up the nerve to open the package, turning my face away just in case it exploded. But it didn't explode. Here's what it was.

At this point Mitch was pretty excited. He wanted his bone. I had my suspicions about who might have left the bone, but I didn't know for sure. Therefore, I was a bit reluctant to just give the bone to my son. What if an angry neighbor had left it there? What if the bone was poisoned??

Mitch was pretty persistent, though, so I gave it to him. Could you say no to this face?

I also knew that Mitch wouldn't really chew this bone; he would bury it. And immediately after I caved, Mitch took the bone to the door and proceeded to whine. He has needs, you know.

So Mitch was outside burying his bone, and I was in the yard talking to him and taking some pictures. We had been out there for about 5 minutes when I heard a man's voice. He was saying something about my anniversary.

Initially I was startled by the fact that there was a man standing in my carport talking to me. I'm always worried about burglars and murderers coming to the house when Matt isn't here to protect me. But then I realized who the man was. It was my soulmate, Bill.

(Bill is Matt's Godfather Gary's partner. He and I are soulmates, even though he doesn't really think so. We've been soulmates for several years. At our (my and Matt's) wedding, when the part came up about "does anyone have any reason why these two should not be wed?" Bill let out a loud and exaggerated "AHEM." It was awesome, and one of the many reasons that we are soulmates.)

Bill and Gary live in South Florida, and had not told Matt or me that they planned to visit. They had simply learned that we were having a party and that our anniversary was fast approaching, and decided to swing by on their way up north. They had originally come to our house hours before when I should have been home. Oops! My B!

I was completely confused, caught between the feeling that I was seeing a ghost and the fear that I had made plans and completely forgotten them. It started to dawn on me that it was Bill and Gary who had left the bone on the doorstep, not an angry neighbor or domestic terrorist.

For the rest of the night I got to hang out with two of my favorite people on the planet. Matt got off of work early and we all talked and laughed until the wee hours of the morning (in Bill's language, that means midnight). I even convinced them to stay in our guest room instead of getting a hotel room, so I got to play hostess.

What a great Saturday surprise!

Above: Gary the best godfather ever.
Below: Bill the best soulmate ever. He's always scolding me for something.

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