22 March 2010


Onomatopoeias are the most fun.

Okay, so Matt, Mitch, and I are bigtime chicken eaters.  It's really kind of ridiculous, but since we're not so much fans of the seafood, and we try not to eat too much red meat, it works for us.  Usually we stick to the boneless skinless breast (because we're lame), and we go apeshit every time we find them on sale.  You should see our freezer right now.  There are like two hundred chickens in there.  Ba-gock!

Here are two awesome chicken recipes that we've made recently.  They're pretty low-cal, and they're f'ing delicious. 

1.  Lemon and Rosemary Chicken from The Bitten Word.  Delicious, delicious.  Juicy and bold and awesome all around.  Just make sure you're in good company, because you'll be picking this apart with your fingers to make sure you get every last piece.

2. Garlic-Marinated Chicken Cutlets with Grilled Potatoes by my best good friend Martha.  There's a reason we're friends (well, about two million), and this is one of them.  The marinade is so easy, and everything gets cooked on the grill, which means that Matt does most of the work.  Hells yeah!

We've been trying to eat better, and these chicken recipes are a good start.

So why is it that I can't stop thinking about this cereal and how I just want to shove handfuls of it into my face. 
And in other exciting news, it's birthday week.  Birthday week!  Birthday week!  (It's also birthday week for three of our readers that I know of, so happy birthday week to you ladies: Christina, Ann, and Carly!)

This is the last birthday of my youth, so I plan to celebrate and celebrate and then celebrate some more.

Go, Kentucky!  Mandy needs a new pair of shoes!


  1. Happy Birthday to you too!

    I broke down and bought Annie's Cocoa and Vanilla Bunnies cereal this week. I am starting year 29 on a mature foot, obviously.

  2. What is it about gross sugary cereal that makes it so delicious?

    What are you doing to celebrate the big 2-9?

  3. I like to eat sugary cereal for dessert. Ben thinks I'm crazy.

    I haven't really done anything for my birthday for a few years, but this time I wanted to go out of town.

    So we are going out to Deep Creek Lake on Sunday to stay at a bed and breakfast, and I'm taking Monday off (woohoo!). We're going to tour FallingWater, which is about an hour away from Deep Creek Lake.

    I'm looking forward to it, although typing it out here makes me feel old. Or maybe just like a yuppie. ;)



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