03 March 2010

Obama in the SAV

As you know already, my man Obam' was here in Savannah on Tuesday. Matt and I both took the day off work to go on a stalking adventure, or, at the very least, to enjoy a day off together in the middle of the week.

We stood along the road outside Savannah Tech, where Obam' would be giving a speech, where we waited for half an hour or so for the man to show up. It was pretty cool. Matt and I are somewhat politically active (Though if you asked my family they'd tell you that I am a maniacal Democrat who has been brainwashed, who is naive and young and on some wild "democratic streak." Or they might tell you that my disdain for many of them is because of my politics, and not because of, well, them. But that's a story for another time now, isn't it?), but we're not big protestors or anything. So we were signless, and we didn't do any chanting.

The crowd was mostly supportive, but there was a hippie dressed in a pig costume protesting "nuclear pork" (to which Matt says, "Nuclear Pork, that sounds delicious. A spicy pork dish of some kind.") and there a few folks holding their "Stop Obamacare" signs and such. But nothing too juicy.

The crowd chanted a few chants, among them "Fired up! Ready to go!" and "What do we want? Healthcare! When do we want it? Now!" The chanting was cute at first, but got annoying pretty quickly. I mean, I was escaping a classroom full of screaming children only to join a group of screaming adults? Oh, hell.

Even Wanda Sykes (left) came out. I can't really figure out why she felt the need to disguise herself, though.
And then. . .

Motorcycles. . .

And Obama's limousine!

It was at this point that I completely lost my shit and started screaming myself, therefore precluding me from taking good pictures. Oops!

But I gained my composure a little bit after he drove by.

The SUV with the back window open always freaks me out. One wrong move and you're dead!
And around this time some crazy lady jumped the line and ran toward the motorcade. She was quickly caught, and arrested, and is currently undergoing psychological evaluations.
So we saw the motorcade, and knew Obam' would be giving his speech for a bit. We headed downtown for lunch at Saigon, walked around and talked, and then went to Back in the Day Bakery for some dessert (also to open the door for all of my wildest dreams to come true).

Back in the Day was a hit. I got an Old Fashioned cupcake:

A Hanna, some lavender-flavored cookie sandwich awesomeness:
And a chocolate chip cookie for Matt that was the size of his head:

Meanwhile, Obam' went to Mrs. Wilke's, southern cookin' family style restaurant, for lunch. (Foiled!) But at least he rejected Paula Deen.

We missed it. Damn.

But we knew that was likely. We went home, took a long family snuggle nap, and then went to Mexican for dinner. (Three restaurants in one day! That's a Mandy and Matt record!)

So, to sum up: slept in, skipped work, saw Obama's motorcade, hung out with Matt all day, ate way too much, took a nap, and then ate way too much again. Does it get any better than that?

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