19 March 2010

R.I.P., Wine Glasses

This is why you shouldn't drink.

Or maybe this is why you should drink? 

After Matt and I got married, we had a crapload of store credit at Macy's (seriously, does anyone on the earth need 18 place settings of Fiesta dishes?).  And one thing I purchased with that store credit was these wine glasses:

I'd registered for the red wine cousins (which are all still alive, by the way, which only serves as a testament as to how rarely I drink red wine) and they're gorgeous.  But the white wine ones?  Well, the last one lost his battle tonight.  While a partially inebriated Mandy attempted to do a dance routine to Usher's "Yeah!", she accidentally smacked the wine glass to the floor.  And it shattered.  For real shattered.  Like, all over the place.  Like, "we won't be going barefoot in the house for a long while" kind of shattered.   Well, shit.

I really loved those glasses.  R.I.P., old friends.  Many a good night we've shared together.

Fortunately, my birthday is fast approaching, and these glasses are available on Amazon.  If you don't buy them, I will.


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