25 March 2010

Mitchaversary, Part VI

Today is our sixth Mitchaversary.  Six years ago today, I went to the pound and picked up my pup.  When I got to the pound, I saw some other girl holding him and getting ready to reserve him, even though I'd reserved him days before. 

Then I killed her. 

People aren't kidding when they talk about what a mother will do for her child.

And I brought the dog home and for two years he was cute as could be, but was a terror as well.  He chewed furniture, carpet, shoes, underwear, bras, countless pairs of flip flops--made huge messes, jumped, etc.  It's amazing that I didn't suffocate him with a pillow, now that I think about it.

But for some reason that damn dog has brought me more joy than I ever thought he would.  He snuggles and makes us laugh and is always so happy to see me when I get home.  When he is smiling I can't help but to smile back (kind of like that James Taylor song).  Sometimes I think my heart just might explode because of his cuteness.  And you might not know this, but Matt and I have become critically-acclaimed singer/songwriters because we have an  uncanny ability to change the lyrics of any song to be about Mitch.  (Probably a good thing that we haven't spawned humans.)

An exchange from about four years ago:

Me:  Man, these last few years have been so horrible--with my job and family and being so poor.  Shit, if I hadn't had Mitch, I probably would have killed myself.

Matt:  What about me?

Me:  Oh, uh, I mean, yeah, of course you.  I mean, you gave me Mitch, so if it wasn't for you, then I would have been even more miserable.

Talk about a weak save. 

I mean, how do you come back from that? 

Anyway, happy Mitchaversary!

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