01 March 2010

Stalking the President

Obama is coming to Savannah on Tuesday. Matt and I both took the day off work to try to see him, even though we knew our chances would be pretty low. We figure a day off in the middle of the week together will be fun whether we spend it with our buddy Barry or not. And now it's looking more and more like we won't be able to catch a glimpse of Obam', since the events will all be invitation only.

From what we've gathered, he'll be at one of the technical colleges, invitation only. He'll meet with local business leaders, invitation only. And then he'll "tour local businesses." This is where my critical thinking skills [read: stalking skills] will come into play.

Okay, how often have you seen a picture like this?

Man's got to eat. And that man loves his cheeseburgers. And it seems that if he's not eating a cheeseburger he's eating ice cream. And he's almost always visiting some place where the locals go. It's all part of his campaign to pretend like he's just your everyday guy (even though he is clearly smarter and better than 98% of us).

Okay. Cheeseburgers. Or ice cream. Local business. Photo op. Hmmmmmm.

But, I did just see on the news that Barry's cholesterol is too high. So maybe he'll be taking it easy on the junk food?

Where should Matt and Mandy hang out all day Tuesday, trying to "accidentally" run into POTUS?

I've got some ideas:
  • Clary's. Place is so old-timey that it doesn't even have a website, but it was featured in Berendt's book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, and it's about as local as a place can get. There's also outdoor seating, which might be nice for photos. But they're calling for rain on Tuesday.
  • Moon River Brewing Company. Local business. Tasty food. Right in the heart of downtown. It's pretty inside, but maybe not "everyday folks" enough.
  • Vinnie Van Go-Go's pizza. This one's good. Perhaps the thin crust pizza would be lighter fare for a man with high cholesterol? It's in City Market, right in the middle of a bunch of booming local businesses, it's homey, and it's cheap! It would even give the Obam' a chance to pull out money from his own pocket, since Vinnie's only takes cash.
  • Lady & Sons. I don't think he'll be stopping at Paula Deen's place, if only because it's too touristy. Not to mention, consuming one hundred pounds of butter can't be good for a guy who's got high cholesterol whose wife is on a campaign against obesity.
  • Blowin' Smoke. This is where he should go, but I don't know if he will. Blowin' Smoke has great food, music, and games to boot! Of all of the places on this list, I think this place has the best food. Plus, I wouldn't mind seeing pictures of the president playing cornhole.
  • Wild Wings. I don't really think he'll be going there because it's corporate and lost its liquor license for a period last year. Don't go there, Obam'. Wait until you're visiting Buffalo to get wings.
  • Back in the Day Bakery. Obama and cupcakes and rosemary chicken salad on ciabatta all rolled into one? I would just die of happiness if that happened. Plus, there's a nice, big parking lot across the street and the area would be easier to secure. Hear that, Secret Service? Easier to secure. Mandy wants to meet Obama. Take him there. We'll eat cupcakes together and talk about our dogs. And then I will die happy.

I really don't know that we'll be able to hang with Mr. Obama, but it sure would be cool. I have two big umbrellas, a camera, and a partner in stalking. If I don't get to see the president, at least I get a day of adventure with the husband.

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