31 March 2010


Matt and I don't really spend a lot on gifts for each other.  When we were dating and had separate finances, it was really meaningful when Matt would spend a lot on something for me or vice versa, but now that our money all goes to the same place, we both cringe at the idea of spending too much on gifts for each other.  Instead, we opt to buy bigger presents for both of us, and we scrimp and save for those items: new television, computer, car repairs, etc.

We usually shoot for $50 or below on birthday gifts, which often makes it important to be thoughtful with those gifts. 

So imagine my delight when Matt came home from work a few days before my birthday with these:

And this (you've already seen this one):

And these wooden spoons.

I was especially happy about the spoons because Matt sought out the best ones, and finally decided on these, because they were the ones recommended by Cook's Illustrated.  Good job, Matt!  I can't wait to cook up some stir fry with these babies.

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