01 November 2010

Old Navy Prep Coat!

They're $29 right now! 

Today I bought this one.

Tomorrow I think I should buy this one.  Is that excessive?

Rationalization time. 

Now, what will I regret more: buying the second jacket (that I don't really need but really, really like) or not buying the second jacket?  When I asked Matt earlier today if he thought that I should go back for the green one, he responded, "Oh yeah. I think you definitely need it."  His words look so much better written down, where you can't see how he was wearing the "you're a lunatic" look on his face. 

But, I suppose that if Matt says that I should go back and get it, then I wouldn't want to let him down.  I mean, I don't know if I could live with myself if I disappointed him so.

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