27 November 2010

Thanksgiving Recap

My, what a wonderful Thanksgiving we just had.  This year we decided to do a friends Thanksgiving, so we trekked up to Hugh and Cassie's house for the meal.  I was very excited about the trip because we hadn't seen Hugh since July, because I had hosted Thanksgiving for the last six years and was happy to have a break, and because Cassie is the best cook I know in real life.  This year--instead of hosting a bevy of family members--we were in charge of only two things: bringing booze and making pumpkin cheesecake ice cream.

And then I forgot to bring the ice cream maker.  Seriously.  It was the one thing that I was responsible for.  Fortunately, Cassie was making three desserts, so it's not like I ruined the only Thanksgiving dessert like my friend Rachel did that one time.

The visit was delightful.  We talked and laughed and ate, and then we talked and laughed and ate and drank.  And then we drank some more and talked more loudly. 

The meal was the best Thanksgiving meal I'd ever had, and Hugh and Cassie introduced us to my new favorite beverage, the French 75.  (a.k.a. "Danger Drink")

Here's how sublime the visit was--the dogs even got along (which was a first).  They were basically BFFs.

Fletcher and Mitchell protecting the world from joggers and mailmen.

We spent the next day remembering the amazing meal, talking cameras (Hugh has recommended to me a dream camera), eating leftovers, and taking each others' Christmas card photo pictures (What a great time for me to get some kind of poison ivy rash ON MY FACE!  I will be sporting a hat in our pictures.)

Here are way more pictures from the visit than you probably want to see.

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